Floors should efficient, durable and profitable

16 February, 2015

Some years ago, industrial and commercial floors were not considered of high importance during a project designing; they were not correctly chosen neither correctly executed. Today this idea has changed and investors are aware that a poorly designed or executed floor represents numerous economic and time loss for the affected industry.

Industrial plants come to lose important sums of money due to not having an adequate floor for their processes and operations, subsequently having to stop production to carry out necessary repairings and continue to operate normally. For a plant to fulfill its objectives, it is necessary to ensure that the production chain suffers no alterations nor unexpected events.

An optimal industrial floor should be efficient, durable and profitable, besides having other qualities, like mechanical resistance, abrasion resistance, impact and chemical attack, among others. A deffective floor will not comply with regulations and certifications of quality assurance entities, as well as safety, health, and hygiene requirements which are more and more demanding.

The development that Peru has experienced in the latest years, has driven a growth in the industrial sector, which has been reflected in the construction of new industrial plants, storehouses, shopping centers, distribution centers, etc. This has allowed for new floor construction techniques to be implemented, and the use of new material technologies, offfering a range of floor options for each use and application.

POLYMERIC AND CEMENTITIOUS FLOORS SAC "POLCEM" is a company specialized in the execution of concrete floors and installation of polymeric coatings for commercial and industrial uses. Contact us in order to give you advice and recommendations on a suitable floor for your project or industry.

Written by Renato Ubillus, Eng., Polcem Project Manager.