About Us

Pisos Poliméricos y Cementicios S.A.C. "POLCEM" is a company specialized in the execution, repairing and maintenance of concrete pavement for commercial or industrial use, and the installation of polymeric coatings for protection of floor and concrete structures in all types of industries. 

It starts its operations in Peru in 2012. During these 3 years of operations, the company has shown a continuous growing and has consolidated in the market as a leading company in the field of industrials floors, offering high quality services and participating in the most important projects of the industry. All of this, due to the longer-than-10 years experiencie in the field of their founder associates. 

The company consists of a team of civil engineers and technical personnel who are highly qualified in the area. It also possesses state of the art machinery, which by complementing new quality techniques in flooring, generates an improvement in performance and completion times.