Polymeric Floors

We install floor coating resistant to the most severe and demanding servicing conditions in the food, manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, automotive, textile,etc, industries.

These flooring systems are composed of varied resins of epoxy, polyurethane, urethane-cement base and selected aggregates with specific characteristics of resistance and hardness; which guarantee a good performance, allowing for several processes to be executed in severe conditions on these surfaces. 

They are industrial floors which are efficient, resistant, and durable. Installed in variable thickness, from 1mm to 9mm, depending of the type of service of the work environment. 

The main characteristics that these floor systems deliver can be synthesized in:

Mechanical resistance .- Excellent resistance to abrasion wear and transit-originated impact 

Chemical resistance .- Excellent resistance to spillage of acids, salts, oils, fats, solvents, alkalis and all types of corrosive liquids that can damage concrete.

Thermal Resistance .- Excellent resistance to extreme temperatures. They can tolerate spillage of liquids up to 120 ºC, depending of system type, and freezing temperatures down to -40 ºC. Excellent resistance to thermal shock due to its 9 mm thickness.

Hygiene and cleanliness .- They have a sanitizing surface that does not allow for microbial growth (sanitary certifications compliant), are easy to clean and maintain. Specially designed for food industry.

Anti-slip.- No skipping. Designed for wet and dry processes according to texture type in the finish.

Fast installation and putting into service .- Allows for use 24 hours after installation depending on system type. Minimal plant stopping time. 

These flooring systems are recommended for use in: food processing rooms, Cold Chambers, Freezing Tunnels, Production and Third Party Logistic Rooms, Storage Rooms, Packing Lines, Bottling Lines, Laboratories, Maintaining and Spare Parts Workshops, etc.


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Food Processing Chambers

Food Processing Chambers

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