Vitrified Flooring

By vitrifying a surface a high quality, abrasion-resistant, glossy finish, low-maintenance floor can be obtained. This treatment consists of a complete washing of floors to remove all dirt and contaminating agents of the surface. After this, special chemical resins are applied, which seal, densify and polish the surface of the floor, protecting it and extending is useful life. The process of washing and vitrifying is completely mechanic, using washing machines and industrials polishers, respectively. 

The result is:

Floor resistant to liquid penetration

Augmented hardness of the floor surface

Transformation of an old floor into a new one. 

A less slippery and safer floor.

Glossy surface which augments light reflectivity

Neat, clean surface.

Low  maintenance cost 

This treatment is used to protect and embellish floors in Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Offices, Entrance Halls in edifications, Hospitals, Stores, Storages, Automotive Workshops, Exhibition and Sales Rooms, etc.

Can be applied on the following surfaces:



Floor tiles and Porcelain


Epoxic floors and Urethane-cementitious floors.



Usos y Características

Storage Floors

Storage Floors

Marble Floors

Marble Floors

Concrete Floors

Concrete Floors

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