Antistatic Flooring

Static electricity is a type of energy that can stored in our body in the same way something is stored in a trunk, where our body is the truck and the "something" is static electricity; however sometimes with contact or grazing with someone else this energy can be discharged, or when grazing another physical element with the risk of causing an explosion. 

A electrostatic discharge produces a potential risk of explosion also in places where solvents are employed, or where cleaning is done by air/vapor mixtures. The electrostatic discharge can deliver enough energy to ingnite a mixture of these characteristics.

The antistatic floors offer conductive properties necessary for controlling unwanted static electricity and work by dissipating the static electricity to ground, in this way the working personell safety is maintained by avoiding a discharge by induction or triboelectric effect. These floors also exhibit mechanical and chemical resistance properties.

Devices and sensitive electronic equipments can also suffer severe damage after facing a electrostatic discharge. In the case of companies and industries there also exists a risk concerning the natural static energy of operators and contact with machines, since some of them being highly sensitive can be damaged with the mere contact and transfer of energy.

POLCEM installs antistatic floor systems of urethane-cement origin and also epoxic origin, that can be recommended for:

Clinics and Hospitals.

Computer centers and Data centers.

Graphic industry.

Rooms where high risk of explosion can be present due to the production of high electrostatic charges.

Areas where flammable and explossive substances are handled. 


Usos y Características

Data Centers

Data Centers

Operating Rooms in Hospitals

Operating Rooms in Hospitals

Graphic Industry

Graphic Industry

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